If you thought Inspector Spot was just another lost pet website, think again.  We don’t just circulate lost pet photos. We are US Certified Pet Detectives.


We find lost pets using the search strategies and forensic techniques that were developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons. We have the most advanced system for locating missing animals anywhere in the world. Seriously. We’ve reviewed them all.


Our system is based on The Five-Pillar System to Successful Lost Pet Recovery: (TM)


1. Education and Prevention

We help pet owners to understand when their pets are most at risk, reduce the chance of them going missing and prepare their pets for the day disaster strikes so they are easier to track down

2. Missing Animal Psychology

Every pet behaves differently when it goes missing. The generic “how to find your pet” advice that most websites provide has very limited value, and often incorrect information that puts pets at risk. We are trained in the psychology of missing animals. We profile the pets we work with, and identify the best way to approach their recovery based on that pet’s species, personality, environment and the circumstances that caused them to go missing.

3. Police Agency Search Strategy

We are trained by a former US Police Detective to deploy the search strategies that were originally developed to find missing persons. We use these search strategies to help pet owners understand how their search should be coordinated. We pinpoint where their pet is most likely to be based on that pet’s individual profile and help them to prioritise their time and effort to bring their pet home as quickly as possible.

4. Personalised Advertising

We build highly targeted local advertising campaigns based on each pet’s circumstances to get as many people looking for them as possible.

5. Electronic Matching and Identification

Finally, we use a facial recognition system to match photographs of lost and found pets as they are uploaded to our website.


We are the ONLY organisation in the world that backs our Lost Pet Services with a Money Back Guarantee

That’s right. A Money Back Guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have lost or found a pet, let’s get searching for them right away.

Inspector Spot