About Us

What do you get when you combine a Marketing Director with a Crazy Cat Lady? Inspector Spot!

Inspector Spot is the home of New Zealand’s First Certified Pet Detective.  We locate lost pets in both New Zealand and the United States using the search strategies and forensic techniques that were developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons.  These techniques are combined with decades of research into the behaviour of missing animals and a powerful technology suite to reunite lost and found pets with their humans as quickly as possible.


Inspector Spot was founded by Megan Denize, a US Certified Pet Detective with more than a decade of experience in animal psychology, training, rescue and rehabilitation.  After personally fostering more than one hundred rescued animals, Megan began considering why so many creatures were turning up in her living room.  She uncovered a global problem: 1 in 3 pets go missing.  But why weren’t they returning home?


Megan found that while there were hundreds of facebook pages and websites aiming to find lost pets, none were providing the full suite of tools that pet owners needed.  These pages were at best giving pet owners a false sense of hope, and at worst were providing advice that was incorrect and putting animals at risk. So, Megan set out to build a system that would provide all the tools that pet owners required.  And so, Inspector Spot was born.


A respected media spokesperson, Megan has been featured by CBS, Fox and NBC in the United States.  She has appeared on One News, Campbell Live and The Paul Henry Show in New Zealand, and been featured in Next Magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly and the New Zealand Herald.


These days Megan no longer has 54 abandoned cats and 35 rescued ducklings camped out in her living room.  However, her own brood of pets still significant.  She is fur parent to six cranky cats, three delinquent dogs, two Flemish Giant bunnies, two rescued chinchillas, two goats, two sheep and four happy hens.  They live happily together at a property affectionately known as “The Urban Farmyard”.


Megan is also the face of our YouTube Channel: Inspector Spot’s Life Hacks for Pet Lovers.  Every Tuesday we release a new video tutorial to help keep your pets safe and happy, and help you out with all sorts of curly questions along the way.  You can subscribe to our channel over at www.youtube.com/inspectorspot.

Inspector Spot