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Welcome! In this section you'll find loads of helpful resources to keep all kinds of furry and feathered friends safe AND help them to return home quickly if they go missing. Happy Reading!

Meet a Real Life US-Certified Pet Detective

International Pet Detective Megan Denize uses forensic techniques originally developed by US Police Agencies to help reunite missing pets with their families.

Moving Safely With Cats

By far our most common missing cat cases involve cats that have just moved to a new home.  In this #LifeHackForPetLovers we’re showing you the technique we use to ensure your cat does not go missing.  It’s a technique that delivers a 100% success rate to the pet owners who employ it.

The Dos and Don’ts of Finding a Lost Pet

   1 in 3 Pets go missing.  There is a lot of inaccurate information online that gives owners false hope and focuses them on tasks that are ineffective.  This checklist is designed to help you avoid the most common mistakes. Download Print Friendly Version

The Stray Cat Collar

If a wee cat has been hanging around your house, they could be a stray, they could be lost or they could be owned by a neighbour.  The Stray Cat Collar will help you to figure that out. Download The Stray Cat Collar Here

What On Earth is a Certified Pet Detective?

Ace Ventura is not just the work of Hollywood fiction.  In this #LifeHackForPetLovers we take a look at exactly what a Certified Pet Detective does on an average day in the office.

The #1 Rule to Stop Your Dog Getting Lost

In our house, there is one rule which is never, ever, broken. It is the one rule which will seriously reduce your chances of your dog ever getting lost. Now, if you’re a dog owner, you will know that, given an opportunity, dogs will happily take themselves out for a walk. That’s just a natural… Continue reading

Lost Pet Success Story: Harry and Otto

These naughty little monkeys are also members of Inspector Spot’s office crew. Before they joined us in the office these two had several naughty little adventures – caused by someone leaving a gate slightly ajar. If you read the materials in our resource section, you’ll know that dogs are nomadic animals so if there’s ever… Continue reading

Found Pet Success Story: Finding Spot’s Family

A family of dog lovers came across this old collie/huntaway cross in a rural area. He was wearing his collar and chain, but there was no sign of identification anywhere. They packed him home for the night, and enlisted Inspector Spot to help locate his family. At 11am the next morning, Inspector Spot sent out… Continue reading

Lost Pet Success Story: Jake’s Great Escape

Jake is an 8 year old staffy/boxer cross who disappeared from his home one evening. His owners signed him up with Inspector Spot 24 hours later, and Spot’s search team immediately swung into action: emailing personalised lost posters to the owners, posting Jake’s details on their website, and sending out a Lost Pet Alert to… Continue reading

Lost Pet Success Story: Finding Ruby

Ruby is a member of Inspector Spot’s team of office cats. Despite living among some of the most experienced pet rescuers in the country, Ruby did the unthinkable and got herself lost. Her disappearance came as a surprise to our entire team as we are careful to follow ALL the guidelines we provide to help… Continue reading

Life Hacks for Pet Lovers Are Here!

Whether you’re a crazy cat lady or a dog-loving bachelor, Inspector Spot brings you all the tips, tricks and tutorials you could ever need in his NEW #LifeHacksForPetLovers. New videos are released every Tuesday right here at

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