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Imagine the Day Your Pet Goes Missing:

  • Worrying that they've been stolen
  • Not knowing if they've been hit by a car
  • Wondering if they're okay
  • Not knowing where to start looking
  • Just wanting them back safely

When our members go missing, we help find them for FREE.

Inspector Spot is not just another missing pet site. We are US Certified Pet Detectives who help to track pets down. We are trained by a former US Police Detective to find lost pets using the search strategies and forensic techniques that were developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons. We have the most advanced system for locating missing animals anywhere in the world.

This level of training and expertise comes with a price. BUT our members receive access to our expertise for FREE. That's right; every pet that is a member of Inspector Spot accesses our Platinum Lost Pet Service for FREE after they have been signed up with us for 30 days. And you can use our service as many times as you need to. Our Platinum Lost Pet Service is valued at $250, so that's a big saving.

But that's not all. Our members receive:

1. Reminders when it’s time for your flea treatment

2. Reminders when it’s time for your worming tablet

3. Reminders when it’s time to go to the vet

4. We remember you on your Birthday

5. We remember you on your Adoption Day

6. We remember you at Christmas

PLUS if your pet goes missing, we will provide our Platinum Lost Pet Service for FREE. This service includes:

1. Unlimited Support from a US Certified Pet Detective

You will be assigned a Certified Pet Detective who will profile your pet and provide advice tailored to your pet’s individual situation. That Pet Detective will profile your pet based on their species, personality, environment and the reason why they went missing to determine where your pet is most likely to be. They will then create a customised plan to track your pet down and support you as you implement each step of this plan.

2. Customized Step by Step Guide, Based on Extensive Animal Behaviour Knowledge

Understanding how animals behave when they are missing is the single most important tool to getting them back safely. We know that 99% of pet owners are not missing pet experts, so we provide you with everything you need to know about locating your particular type of pet. We provide customised, step by step guides to locating the most common types of missing pet. We have detailed guides for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and many more.

These guides are critical when it comes to locating missing pets. Every species behaves differently when they're away from home, so the way you locate a missing cat vs a missing dog for example is very different. Understanding how far your pet is likely to have travelled, where they are most likely to be and how to get them back quickly is vital to returning your pet home safely.

Our guides also help to calm your nerves. We've tested them ourselves under the pressure of having a treasured pet going missing. Our guides walk you methodically through a step by step system to ensure their safe return. This process helps keep you calm and focused on doing the right things to locate your pet. They even help to entice missing guinea pigs, rabbits and birds safely back into their cages.

3. Customized Search Map

Where do you start looking? How far do you go? How do you structure your search? Understanding how far your pet is likely to have gone and in which direction is vital. We provide you with a map to show you exactly where to start your search, help you to determine which areas to focus on and pinpoint the locations that your pet is most likely to be located.

4. Professionally Designed "Lost" Posters

Designing “Lost” posters that really work takes time, and that time is better spent with your feet on the ground locating your missing pet. So, we've enlisted a team of experienced marketers to do the hard work for you. Our posters are designed to provide maximum impact – they give your neighbours all the information they need, and eliminate the things they don't need to know. We'll email you a personalised “Lost” poster straight away, along with instructions on what to do with it. Your personalised poster includes a photograph and description of your pet, plus your contact details – all of which are uploaded when you register your pet. This saves you from frantically searching for a good photograph when your pet is already missing.

5. Geographically Targeted Industry Alert

Spamming people throughout the entire country is of little use when your pet goes missing, but sending a targeted alert to people who really care about animals AND are located in the area your pet has gone missing is critical to tracking them down.

Research shows that missing pets are often picked up by well meaning people who aren't really sure what to do with them. So, we send copies of your pet's Lost Poster to animal lovers in your area straight away. That includes rescue groups, vets, pet stores, breeders – pretty much any crazy cat lady that can help us find your pet as quickly as possible. This is important because the more eyes we have looking out in your region, the better chance we have of someone spotting your pet. After all, they're out there somewhere – we just need people to let us know as soon as they spot them.

We do not make unsolicited phone calls to people when a pet goes missing. Why? Our research shows that these phone calls are of limited value. People need to SEE what a pet looks like in order to truly help you. And unsolicited phone calls are poorly received by the majority of people – that's why the Do Not Call Register exists.

6. Social Media Alert

We know, we've already said that most pets are NOT found through social media but we send their details out to the virtual world just in case. And while it's not the #1 technique for locating missing animals, it has been the key to uniting some pets with their humans. We have even used this process to locate a motorcyclist who was involved in an accident with a missing dog, and worked with the Police to ensure both were safe and well.

7. Google-Optimised Online Listing

Every lost pet that we work with is given a unique, google optimized listing on inspectorspot.co.nz. Yes, we know we've said that classified listings don't work but these listings are very different. Every one of our lost (and found) pet listings is optimized so that Google can locate that listing. We have had GREAT success in reuniting missing animals with their owners through this system. For example, one little lost cat was safely returned home after three months after he turned up on someone's doorstep. He was still wearing his collar, but the number on the back wasn't working. The person who found him typed “black cat”, the suburb and the name from his tag into Google, and our Google-optimized system took them straight to his Lost Pet Alert. Our listing system enabled them to send a private message straight to his owner and to Spot HQ and this little guy was reunited with his family just a few hours later.

Pretty clever, huh?

Remember, our members get access to our lost pet services completely free of charge.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get your little guy signed up straight away.

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